9:20  Dream Team Chapel
9:40 Mix and mingle
                  Check In for KIDMIN  Children’s
10:00 Worship Service
                     KIDMIN Immediately following!                      


Come as you are and receive a hug, a hot cup of coffee!
If you have children, our friendly children’s staff will check-in your awesome kiddos for KIDMIN  children’s church from crawlers on up. At 9:57 a 3 minute countdown will begin then we will all worship together. After worship, we will then dismiss KIDMIN for a worship experience and lesson tailored just for them. We love for them to be with all of us for corporate worship for a while! Following worship, youth and adults alike will receive a relevant, powerful word that will encourage, equip and empower you!
We can’t wait to worship with you!






Meets the 1st Monday of every month from 6-7pm.
Food and fellowship along with a great word from one of our  members or friends is sure to have you encouraged!


 Meets the last Saturday of every month at various places for coffee and conversation, or a restaurant,  or who knows,  we may end up at a movie! 
Watch the calendar and handouts on when and where!


Every last Sunday of every month,
our worship experience is magnified by joining all of the blessings of God in one day.  In the morning service at 10Am, join us for communion during worship, and baptisms at the end.   In the evening   at 5pm we gather again on just this one night every month for fellowship and games, and every quarter a birthday celebration! We believe in unity and   that no one should be  lonely,  so  make plans to be a part!


Watch the calendar for these events!


Step 1 Follow
If you have not yet made Jesus the Lord of your life, we would be happy to
share God’s love with you in Step 1 to show you the life giving call to make the decision to FOLLOW CHRIST. Contact us if you need assistance in this area!
Step 2 Connect 101 Membership Class
If you have completed step 1 and have made public your profession of being a child of God, take this class to learn about where Faith Temple Fellowship came from, who we are and where we are going, and find out what makes us tick! You will be notified of this class when it is available.
Step 3 Discover
This class is designed to show you exactly how God  fearfully and wonderfully designed you personally! This class will help you see where you fit in to His plan! Personality and gifts testing shows you how God made you and where you can grow and what you may need to work on  for your purpose in His plan!
Step 4 Contribute- Dream Team
Dream team placements are presented here and you are sure to find a fit for you!Find out just how God fearfully and wonderfully made you to fit into His plans for the Kingdom!



On the HOME page of our site, go to the Member Login button.
From there you will be able to either log in   RSVP to events, or just look at our calendar.
We are excited that you want to partner with us as you find events on the calendar that interests you!